I considered it a touch and got a call

It was a disaster area when I at first came to COD, but I’m used to it

It’s really a tendency that …

I’m a development man, but I’m agreeable at holding.

Manila COD 100 – 200 die

Buy in is 25,000 won. Plant is industriously posted particularly if all else fails

When in doubt, you put it on the player’s seed with the certifiable that it doesn’t fit 100 to 200

A huge piece of them have less seeds. A huge part of them are around 30,000

The Arab buddy on the right is around 100,000

Bacca is something essentially unclear, yet I don’t think holdham should continue to go long by a similar token. By his own rules

Things aren’t for the most part brilliant. We truly need to put him on a ventilator to revive him

That is the way wherein I do it.

Who studies the 400 race from the back of my hand

Rewind to hand An and J I don’t remember the particular total… Pfff.

Two people

Base A . 3.5

Two Ceksek’s race is around half

One Filipino. I trust he’s Korean. One Asian overlay

Turn card 7


Stream 10

Filipino trim case size

It’s him

Philippineo 2.4 straight

I ate myself… (Wana almost moved here.. A tremendous load of chips are absent too..)

I review Philippino out of the blue.

You know, I’ve been envisioning on various events at this point, so in case I race without respect

I was fundamentally following the call.. Alright, I’ll give it to you. Thinking in my heart

The second thing I review is essentially the hand

He just got a gigantic blue call and got a 6 hand, so he’s strong in the race

I continue to contemplate whether the new player is Japanese. I got a call from Hong Kong

I considered it a touch and got a call. Checking out is A.J A.Q Parket 9.10.

I told you not to 포커캐슬 lay only master on the floor … A . 9. J.

Hit his own trim ALMOST unit size against Chek.

I perceive a call. Turn card Q

Chek. Hit it close to the adversary’s race pot.

I’m besieging miserably. Show the other sovereign.. Certainly no request…

The card doesn’t fit.. I set up chips with faking in the middle.

In the current situation, your stack goes down to around 27.8 million?

He’s tragic. I demand a compartment of blend. Sweet a quick supper with blend and sandwich…

Chippy Chinese Race 1100 Total 5 People Flip.

I’m going in the wake of persevering through my hand A.2 sudit call.

Base A.2.2 huh what’s going on?

I can’t cover my tangled tears euphoria.

Hana Chek my turn race 3300

Open laser China call

Japanese call like flush throw

Another call

It’s 7 on the turn floor.. Floor picture is 2 hearts 2 pearls

First chek na chek

I’m sure I’m Chinese, so I’ll wager everything. Fifteen thousand? What absolute is it.

In the event that you hadn’t had your blend, your heart would have been beating.

I continue to consider whether they are pleasant Japanese. I get a call from Hongkong and go to Flush-Drow.

He’s Korean besides. Whether or not it’s a significant stone draw or a heart draw, he prizes pot

I go in to skim. People accumulate near us to look at the table of 25-50.

Since it’s a unit, people from nature gather

I ate it in my heart Look and I will wager everything additionally. Do you have a more observable number of chips than Chinese ones

Is it the Japanese who got the call consistently… Coming about to getting the call, he shouted, “Goodness, Korean!”

Perceive the call. Rivercard 3 club

Present a.

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